IBM Cognos BI What's New (V10.2) (B5210CZ)

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IBM Cognos BI What's New (V10.2) is a one-day, instructor-led course that provides participants with knowledge of new features offered in IBM Cognos BI (V10.2). Through lecture and hands-on experience, participants will discover the high-value benefits of this release, including an enhanced user experience, improved integration between products, and improved performance.

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Náplň kurzu:

Skrýt detaily
  • 1. Introduction to IBM Cognos Workspace
    1. IBM Cognos Business Insight is now IBM Cognos Workspace
    2. Control access to IBM Cognos Workspace functions and features
    3. Create tabbed workspaces
    4. Create global filters across multiple tabs
    5. Full-fidelity publishing from IBM Cognos Insight to IBM Cognos Workspace
    6. Select appropriate charts using automatic chart recommendations
    7. Interact directly with column charts
    8. Freeze column and row headings
    9. Print a workspace
  • 2. Introduction to IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced
    1. IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced is now IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced
    2. Identify enhancements to crosstab headers
    3. Apply automatic grouping and summary behavior to lists
    4. Copy data with number formatting
  • 3. Report Studio Enhancements
    1. Identify and work with new features in Report Studio, including:
    2. The new interactive repeater tables
    3. Inherited styles in lists and crosstabs
    4. An easier way to access query macros using the expression editor
    5. Extending prompts using the Prompt API
    6. Global classes for accessible reports
  • 4. Enhancements to IBM Cognos Mobile
    1. Identify enhancements in:
    2. Controlled access to IBM Cognos Mobile
    3. Apple push notifications
    4. Bursting reports to IBM Cognos Mobile
    5. Multi-page report trickle
  • 5. Introduction to Dynamic Cubes and IBM Cognos Cube Designer
    1. Identify Dynamic Cubes
    2. Navigate and identify general functionality of IBM Cognos Cube Designer
    3. Improve query performance with the Aggregate Advisor
  • 6. Other Product/Environment Improvements
    1. Improved IBM Cognos Active Report integration with IBM Cognos Workspace
    2. Improved search with field-level search capability
    3. Save as Microsoft Excel 2007 data
    4. 64-bit IBM Cognos gateway
    5. 64-bit Data Manager engine
    6. Multiple-tenant environments
    7. Archive content to the file system
    8. Enhanced support for language and currency:
    9. Support for extended Japanese and Chinese characters
    10. Bidirectional (BiDi) support
    11. Enhanced handling and formatting options for data
    12. Enhancements to Lifecycle Manager
    13. Access to ERP data sources
    14. DQM server logging on a report basis
    15. Predefined LDAP configurations
    16. Enhancements to supported environments
Předpokládané znalosti:
This offering is intended for a multi-role audience who have experience using IBM Cognos 10, with a knowledge of their business requirements.
Časový rozvrh:
1 den (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)
Cena za osobu:
11 800,00 Kč (14 278,00 Kč včetně 21% DPH)