Certified Security Leadership Officer (CSLO)

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Students who attend mile2’s Certified Security Leadership Officer training are able to master the essential knowledge relating to current security issues, best practices, and technology. This training was also created for senior and advancing managers interested in quickly learning the latest in regards to information security issues and terminology. The hard working, attentive manager will acquire the essential skills required to oversee the security component of any information technology project.

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Náplň kurzu:

Skrýt detaily
  • 802.11
  • Access Control
  • Computer Forensics and Legalities
  • Cryptography Applications
  • Cryptography Algorithms and Concepts
  • Key Management
  • Cryptosystems
  • Digital Acquisition
  • DNS
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Endpoint Security
  • Honeypots, Honeynets, Honeytokens, Tarpits, oh my
  • IP Terms and Concepts
  • Logging
  • Malicious Software
  • Managing Security Policy
  • Methods of Attack
  • Mitnick-Shimomura
  • Physical Security
  • Risk Management & Security Frameworks
  • Security and Organizational Structure
  • Security Awareness
  • Steganography
  • The Intelligent Network - Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Vulnerability Assessment – Outside View
  • Vulnerability Management – inside view
  • Vulnerability Management- User View
  • Web Communications
  • Wireless Advantages and Bluetooth
Předpokládané znalosti:
A minimum of 12 months professional experience in an IT setting is preferred.
Časový rozvrh:
5 dní (9:00hod. - 16:00hod.)
Cena za osobu:
32 500,00 Kč (39 325,00 Kč včetně 21% DPH)
Vzdělávací partner:
Compendium Education Center