Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions (H6LJ6S)

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The Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions includes lectures and activities in the ratio of approximately 25/75 (lecture/activities). This course is designed to expose participants to the fundamental principles required to architect hybrid IT solutions. The course focuses on HPE networking, server, and storage solutions for SMB customers. Through the use of customer scenarios and extensive hands-on labs, participants learn how to set up and configure a small data center to meet specific customer requirements.

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Náplň kurzu:

Skrýt detaily
  • Describe, differentiate, and apply industry standard, foundational SMB architectures and technologies
    1. Identify and describe processor technologies and describe their use cases
    2. Identify and describe memory technologies and use cases
    3. Identify and describe storage technologies and use cases
    4. Identify and describe network technologies and their use cases
    5. Identify and describe system management technologies and use cases
    6. Identify and describe rack and power technologies and considerations
  • Differentiate the functions, features, and capabilities of HPE product and solution specific components and offerings
    1. Describe the differences among HPE server solutions and the workloads for which they are optimized
    2. Describe the differences among HPE storage solutions and the workloads for which they are optimized
    3. Describe the differences among HPE networking solutions and the workloads for which they are optimized
    4. Describe the differences among HPE management options
  • Recommend and position HPE SMB products, solutions, and appropriate services for customer use cases
    1. Recommend an HPE server based on a customer workload
    2. Given customer requirements/workload, identify the correct storage solution (HPE StoreOnce, HPE MSA, HPE Nimble)
    3. Given a set of customer requirements, recommend the appropriate network solution
    4. Given a customer need, which management tool should you recommend?
    5. Explain the services offered by HPE as they apply to a data center infrastructure
  • Evaluate customer environment, and plan and design solutions using the HPE SMB portfolio to meet customer business requirements
    1. Identify and describe planning, design and sizing tools and when to use them
    2. Discover a customer’s business, technical requirements and the competitive landscape
    3. Design the solution within the given constraints to meet customer business and technical objectives
    4. Validate design, get sign-off, and document solution
  • Validate, install, configure, and upgrade HPE SMB solutions and their components
    1. Perform the physical installation process
    2. Configure each solution and subsystem
    3. Validate that install/configuration is successful
    4. Upgrade the solution and/or its subsystems
  • Troubleshoot and repair HPE SMB solution components.
    1. Describe investigative steps and their importance
    2. Identify and describe troubleshooting tools and their use cases
    3. Troubleshoot issues
    4. Perform repair/replace procedures
    5. Apply proactive maintenance
  • Manage, monitor, administer, and operate HPE SMB solutions and their components.
    1. Identify and describe management and administration tools and when to use them
    2. Perform management and monitoring tasks
    3. Administer and operate the solutions
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Časový rozvrh:
5 dní (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)
Cena za osobu:
64 900,00 Kč (78 529,00 Kč včetně 21% DPH)