Performance Analysis on Data ONTAP (PAD)

Virtualizace a Cloud, NetApp

The Performance Analysis on Data ONTAP® 7.3 course provides students with the knowledge and skills to perform data collection and analysis on NetApp® storage systems. Students will learn how to interpret data and apply performance changes based on their analysis. They will use analysis data for tuning and monitoring performance.

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3.4. - 5. 4. 2019
29.5. - 31. 5. 2019
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  • Module 1 Performance Overview
    1. Define performance terminology
    2. List three major components of a storage system
    3. Use hardware status and configuration commands to determine the hardware on a storage system and its configuration
    4. Define baseline performance guidelines and methodology as they relate to NetApp storage systems
  • Module 2 Performance Monitoring and Analysis Tools
    1. Use NetApp tools for performance measurement (data collection, monitoring, and analysis)
    2. Identify storage system and host-side monitoring tools
    3. Use the perfstat script to collect data and perfviewer to read perfstat output
  • Module 3 Performance Data Collection Commands
    1. Use Data ONTAP tools to identify networking, disk I/O, FC loop saturation, and CPU bottlenecks
    2. sysstat
    3. statit
    4. stats
    5. wafl_susp
  • Module 4 Performance Monitoring and Analysis: Bottlenecks
    1. Define a bottleneck
    2. Identify typical bottlenecks
    3. Use case studies to identify bottleneck areas and implement improvements
  • Module 5 Performance Acceleration
    1. Describe the features and performance capabilities of the Performance Acceleration Module
    2. Enable the Performance Acceleration Module software component
    3. Perform basic configuration and monitor statistics
    4. Compare the different modes of operation
    5. Interpret predictive cache statistics to understand usage
    6. Use the Performance Acceleration Module in conjunction with FlexShare
  • Module 6 FlexCache
    1. Describe FlexCache software and its benefits
    2. Create a FlexCache volume
    3. Apply FlexCache volume options
    4. Describe how theflexcache_autogrow option works with a FlexCache volume
    5. Monitor FlexCache status and statistics
  • Module 7 Performance Maintenance
    1. Discuss how increasing utilization can affect performance
    2. Define two types of data layout
    3. Use the reallocate command to maintain performance
    4. Schedule reallocation jobs to optimize performance
  • Module 8 High File Count Environments
    1. Identify high file count or deep directory structure scenario
    2. Select appropriate tools for analysis
    3. Identify corrective actions for high file count or deep directory structure scenario
  • Module 9 Growth Management Concepts and Deployment Techniques
    1. Use recommended techniques to optimize Data ONTAP configuration for SAN and NAS (including client-side techniques)
    2. Use recommended techniques to optimize Data ONTAP configuration for database performance and network performance (including complementary client-side techniques)
  • Module 10 Performance Analysis Summary
    1. List proactive steps to avoid problems
    2. Find resources to learn more about performance tuning
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Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administration (D7ADM)
Časový rozvrh:
3 dny (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)
Cena kurzu:
58 800,00 Kč (71 148,00 Kč včetně 21% DPH)
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Fast Lane