Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration (BNCA)

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The Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration course will get you started providing basic support and administrative tasks on NetApp® storage systems running the Data ONTAP® 8.0.1 7-Mode operating system. In this course you will learn how to perform basic administration tasks such as creating aggregates, volumes, qtrees, LUNS and managing administrative access. This course includes interactive labs where the students will perform skills taught in the course. By the end of this course you will be getting started on how to apply administrative tasks on NetApp® storage systems running the Data ONTAP® 8.0.1 7-Mode operating system.

Lokalita, termín kurzu

7.1. - 8. 1. 2019
4.3. - 5. 3. 2019
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Skrýt detaily
  • Module 1 NetApp Data ONTAP Basics
    1. Identify the key features and functions of NetApp® platforms
    2. State the advantages of a NetApp storage system
    3. Distinguish between SAN and NAS topologies
    4. Describe the unified storage architecture
    5. Access the Support knowledge base to obtain software and hardware documentation
  • Module 2 Hardware Basics and NetApp System Manager
    1. Access NetApp System Manager to administer a storage system
    2. Identify basic NetApp hardware components including storage system and disk shelves
    3. Identify shelf connectivity to a NetApp storage system
    4. Identify system and network connections such as RLM and Ethernet ports
  • Module 3 Creating Aggregates and Volumes
    1. Describe Data ONTAP RAID technology
    2. Create an Aggregate
    3. Create a Flexible Volume
    4. Create a qtree
  • Module 4 Protecting Data using Snapshot Technology
    1. Define the function of Snapshot
    2. Articulate the benefits of Snapshot Copies
    3. Create and delete a Snapshot
  • Module 5 Getting Started with Basic Network Administration
    1. Identify interfaces, network settings and components in Data ONTAP
    2. Explain NFS on Data ONTAP
    3. License NFS on a storage system
    4. List the steps to setup NFS
    5. Explain CIFS on Data ONTAP
    6. License CIFS on Data ONTAP
    7. List the steps to set up CIFS
  • Module 6 Creating a LUN
    1. Define a LUN and explain LUN attributes
    2. Use NetApp® System Manager to create iSCSI-attached LUNs
    3. Access and manage a LUN from a Windows® host
    4. Describe the features of SnapDrive
  • Module 7 Storage Space Management
    1. Explain the relationship between space guarantees, volumes, and aggregates
    2. Define what thin provisioning is and explain how it is used
    3. Define what deduplication is and describe the benefits that it provides
    4. Use System Manager to set default quotas and to set a quota on a qtree
  • Module 8 Storage System Maintenance
    1. Describe message logging
    2. Explain how to enable AutoSupport feature
    3. Configure and manage the AutoSupport service for a FAS system
    4. Explain SNMP
    5. Boot, halt, and reboot a system
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Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode Fundamentals WBT, Introduction to NetApp Products WBT.
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2 dny (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)
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39 200,00 Kč (47 432,00 Kč včetně 21% DPH)
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